The IASMP is an umbrella body made up of social media professionals across a wide range of industries. Membership of the IASMP is an indicator of both the personal and professional integrity of the social media professionals and acts as an ethical benchmark for those seeking social media services.

The following code highlights the principles, practices and standards that IASMP members abide by in order to deliver services that are fit for purpose. Individuals unable to subscribe to the Code of Ethics are not encouraged to join the IASMP to maintain the integrity of the Association.

Members of the IASMP who subscribe to the Code of Ethics can be identified by – and are authorised to – use the IASMP Membership Logo on their website and other digital marketing material.



We respect our users and their opinions and pay attention to a respectful exposure to players among themselves. Don’t reward disruptive behaviour with attention, but report it when you find it. Focus on the constructive by recognising and rewarding intelligent contributions.


We stand with our public statements and opinions in all conscience for transparency and credibility. Link to sources for facts or statements you reference, and encourage others to do likewise. Declare personal interest when applicable. Be transparent about your affiliations, perspectives or previous coverage of a particular topic or individual. Be careful about blurring fact and opinion and consider carefully how your words could be (mis)interpreted or (mis)represented.


We deal with errors openly and do not conceal them. Exemplify our community standards in your contributions above and below the line. Have you posted something that just wasn’t true? Be the first to respond to your own mistake.


We respect the rights of our users as well as the rights of uninvolved third parties, in particular copyrights, privacy rights and data protection. Social Media lets you communicate incredibly fast and have your message go viral in seconds. This makes it difficult to fix an inaccurate message once you’ve shared it. The best thing to do is double check all content before you share it, both for accuracy and to make sure it fits into your client’s overall Social Media strategy, our Code of Conduct and any restrictions that may apply to your content based on local law (such as the FTC Endorsement Guidelines in the US) and the platform you are using (such as terms of service for the site upon which you are sharing).

Relationship between members and the IASMP

IASMP Members understand that they are accountable to their clients, their peers and the IASMP and obligated as a member of the IASMP to comply with the Code of Ethics.

Any breach of the above, will be investigated and can lead to immediate cancellation of membership.

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