If you don’t already know what Twitonomy is, it’s simply a web-based tool that helps you enhance your Twitter experience. There is a free version, as well as a paid version. You can select which one you need, depending on what your business needs. Many users say the free version works well enough, still providing basic analytic data and even detailed reports. But if you’ve never used or heard of Twitonomy, you want to try the free version first. All you have to do is go to the website and sign in with your Twitter account. It’s that simple.

Let’s look at the features if Twitonomy that will help you to enhance your Twitter experience:


Much like the competitors, Twitonomy has a user dashboard that allows you to see an overview of all the information in one place. This includes tracking your followers/unfollowers, likes, re-tweets and much more. From the Twitonomy dashboard, you can also monitor any lists you have set up on Twitter. In fact, you can monitor other accounts too (although, you can only see when other accounts have been mentioned). This is useful if you’ve got more than one Twitter account, or if you’re running a business account and a personal account.


Twitonomy is best described as an analytic tool. But, Twitonomy takes it one step further, helping to summarize your activity, as well as the activity of the people you’re following. Through the data, you can see things like how many tweets you’ve shared in a day. You can see how many links you’ve shared, too. You can see how many times you were mentioned in tweets by other people and even who replies most commonly to the tweets you post. There are so many advanced features to the analytic data that will really help you improve your presence on Twitter. In fact, you can even see a map, detailing the locations that you were mentioned  All of this information helps you to know:

  • Who your biggest fans are
  • Where you’re the most popular
  • What you’re the most popular for
  • What you need to work on improving

Follower Information

The analytics stretch beyond your own information, too. Twitonomy allows you to see detailed information about the people who are following you and the people you follow. This includes how many tweets they have, follower data and even when they were last active online. This can help you to clear out any inactive accounts you’re following. It even shows you if the people you are following are following you. This can help you remove unnecessary people from your list, allowing more room for the people who matter.

Remember: These features are all a part of the free version. You’ll have to see for yourself what the paid accounts have to offer.