It’s no secret that many people find the 140 character limit on Twitter to be bothersome. It’s restrictive, leading to sloppily written messages that don’t sound as good as they should. Many people opt to post multiple tweets in an attempt to get the full message available. Others use TwitLonger, a service that allows for limitless tweeting, showing on your Twitter feed as nothing more than a link. Neither are adequate options when you’re trying to brand yourself. So, what do you do with 140 characters?

You have a few options. Obviously, say it short and sweet is the first thing that comes to mind. Find a way to say exactly what you need to say in fewer words. Many people will opt for using slang here, abbreviating words and simply using letters when available. If you’re aiming to look professional, that isn’t an option. Instead, brainstorm until you can say what you need to say, but shorter. It’s not always easy to condense an important message, but it is necessary. Once you have the perfect message, tuck it away somewhere for future use. You never know when you’ll need to repeat yourself, or when it might come in handy.

Your second option is using a picture. Pictures on Twitter aren’t the most popular selection, but they are still an option. You can tweet your short and sweet sentence into the character bar. If you feel it doesn’t do justice to what you’re trying to say, write your message in a graphic and post it along with the characters. This is both visually appealing to users and practical for getting a bigger message out to your audience. The downside? Images don’t have keywords and therefore, your graphic won’t show up in a search. That’s a small price to pay for what you need saying. This is particularly useful when it comes to advertisements.