Social media is all about connecting with a wider user base. Speaking to individuals you never would have spoken to other wise. Getting to know other people from all around the world. Ultimately, getting to know ourselves as well. In order to effectively branch out and find new people to communicate with, we look at the trends. We’re not talking about fashion, music or slang here. We’re talking about the social media trends, specifically.

Trending content on social media sets a bench mark for where you want to be. This is a conversation you want to be active in, even if you’re not all that well-versed on the subject. The good thing is there are usually 5-10 subjects trending at any given time. This means you can select the topic you’re closest to and go from there.

On Twitter, trends are determined by hashtags and the hashtag games are often in the top 10. It’s easy to play along with one of these games, while also using the hashtags as a marketing tool to get your content in front of new eyes. Not everyone succeeds marketing this way, but, many others do.

On Instagram, trending content is found under the “explore” tab, where posts are sorted in two categories: most recent and most popular. The most popular content tells you a bit about what users are responding to. You can use this information to adapt your own Instagram strategy to get in with the trending content.

Websites like Facebook and Pinterest are a little more difficult to determine what is “hot”. Facebook’s algorithm has changed the face of trending content. Pinterest is always known for books/reading, recipes and DIY instructions. You can always go to Google Trends to discover the subjects people across the world are talking about. These subjects will apply universally across every social media platform, as world trends.