For many people, finding your target audience can feel stressful and overwhelming. Many don’t even know where to start the search. We’re going to try to simplify how you identify your audience and help you build a better business strategy.

Your first step is closer to home: Looking at your current followers. You need to know what brought these people to you. You need to know the types of things they are interested in. You may choose to offer your followers a poll to respond to, asking these questions. You might message a few followers personally and ask them questions. It’s called market research and it doesn’t hurt to get some answers. You just have to be respectful of this process. For example, if someone doesn’t want to answer, you don’t push them. Opening this line of communication might help you in the future with marketing, too. Companies and brands that reach out are favoured by users.

Next, search hashtags. Regardless of what social media website you’re using, there are likely hashtags in use. This will help you to see other people who might be interested in you. Search for hashtags that are relevant to what you offer. Look at the posts that have hashtags and look at the people who are posting. What can you learn from this? You can learn keywords that will help you target an audience.

Finally, visit your competitor’s social media pages. Take a look at the individuals who are following these people. This is your audience, the people you want to get your product or service in front of. How do you do it? You can start by following a handful of them. Reaching out to potential clients is a great way to get conversions. By continuing to make connections this way, you might also build lasting relationships with many of these potential clients. Plus, you may get to take business away from your competitors. That’s definitely a bonus.