If you use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts, you don’t always need to know what the “best posting times” are. You can rely on the default information of a larger user base in order to reach more potential clients. There’s no harm in running targeted ads to a general audience. As a general rule, these are the best times to post on social media:


Facebook users operate largely between noon and 4 pm, logging off just in time for dinner. Facebook users aren’t very active after dinner, either, as many of them seem to migrate to different social media sites, such as Pinterest.


Twitter users are seemingly the most active between noon and 3 pm. Twitter is such a mixture of individuals that there is no real prediction to any pattern. But, the hours after the lunch period seem to be when most users are browsing Twitter. This is your ideal time to target individuals.


For Instagram, there is no “best time”, but there is a worst. Instagram users are the least active between 3-5 pm, simply because that’s the time individuals are leaving work and heading home. It’s a bad time to try and get a message out to any audience, really.


Pinterest users are actually the most active between 7 pm and 12 am. This is because Pinterest is largely occupied by stay-at-home mothers, who only really have access during the times their children are asleep. Many of these are the same stay-at-home mothers that run the popular mommy-blogs, which takes up most of their day time hours.


LinkedIn, as a general business tool, is most active within business hours. There is almost no point to using LinkedIn after 4 pm when users are logging off and looking away from the business of the day. Looking to relax and possibly head to a different platform to let loose.

A note you should keep in mind: These time frames have no specific time zone. This is applicable wherever you are.