One of the most popular content types to share online are images. You’ll see them on Instagram, customized and targeting a specific audience. You’ll see them on Facebook, grabbing more attention than a typical text post. On Pinterest, it’s all about the images and almost no one reads the text below. Only Twitter seems to be less interested in images, but, they are all about the GIFs.

Without much graphic design experience, you might have no idea how to go about creating flawless images that are bound to capture the attention of your audience. You likely don’t want to have to pay someone else to design graphics for you either. It can be tricky hiring someone because it’s hard to explain what exactly you’re looking for. Instead, opt for using one of these tools:


A well-known website, Canva is set up to help you create amazing graphics that you can share on your social media pages. You can use the free version, or opt to upgrade for more features. On Canva, you can create a variety of different types of graphics too. Canva can be used to design business cards and posters. Canva offers header designs for Facebook and Twitter too. There are many options in the graphic editor, such as the blur tool and much more. Oh, and you can add text over your images, of course. If you don’t know graphic design, just go to Canva.


If you want to appeal to every trend, this is likely to become a favourite for you. This website allows you to upload short videos and create animated graphics, also known as GIFs. This can help you appeal to an audience with a limited attention span. It can help you to make a more lasting impression. If your video is popular enough, it can also help your GIF to become a trend and get used everywhere. In case that happens, try to put a logo on the video before you convert it. You can do that with the default movie maker.


One of the most common misconceptions about the internet is that everything is “fair trade”. That’s not true. Businesses have been sued in the past for using images they didn’t have the right to on their web page. To avoid any issue like this, head straight to Pixabay. Almost everything on the website is free to use, with no attribution required. Grab an image from here, bring it over to Canva and create an amazing graphic.